It's that time of year to order your favorite Girl Scout Cookies. But it's also a great time in history for the Girls Scouts of Montana and Wyoming to celebrate a huge anniversary. They will be celebrating their 110th anniversary of their organization.

Back in 1912, Juliette Gordon Low founded the organization in Savannah, GA. She formed a troop of 18 girls that shared a belief and sense of curiosity that they could do anything. Their troop ignited a movement at a time when women were expected to stick to socials norms. They weren't even allowed to vote in the U.S. at the time. But their movement would change the game for women forever.

There is a Girl Scout Leadership Experience which focuses on four specific program pillars. The pillars are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship. In celebration of the 110th anniversary, there will be four events throughout Montana and Wyoming in 2022 that will be based those four pillars.

This next week, the Girls Scouts of Montana and Wyoming will be able to participate in several virtual programs that focus on STEM, the outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship. Cheyenne is one of the spots in the two states that will carryout celebrations of the 110th anniversary while also helping the Girl Scouts connect with their local communities. Cortni Cross, Chief Operating Officer for GSMW spoke about the events and the celebration of the anniversary:

With each event, we’re excited to highlight local organizations, businesses, and community members who can share skills with our Girl Scouts. Through Girl Scouting, girls of all ages have the opportunity to learn essential leadership skills, build healthy relationships, find adventure, and give back to their communities. These events will not only celebrate 110 years of Girl Scouting, but will connect girls to their community and help them continue to build these skills.

For more on this event, it's encouraged that you contact Briana Rickman at or 800-736-5243. You can also visit

Happy 110th Anniversary, Girl Scouts!

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