When you think about popular sports in Wyoming, Rodeo, Football, Basketball and Baseball all come to mind, but I wasn't expecting the sport of Polo being high on the list. I'm not talking the cologne or a type of shirt...I'm really seriously talking the sport of Polo!

Polo is said to have originated over 2,000 years ago in Persia or China and was used as a method for training cavalry. In 1893, the first Polo match was played in Sheridan and to this day some of the top Polo players in the world come to Wyoming to play for the summer season.

I've only seen Polo referenced in movies, on the green bottle of the legendary cologne or on the breast of a classy 'polo' shirt. Never did I think that my Thursday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon's could include the interesting game of Polo. The game is similar to soccer, but the players are on the backs of horses, using a mallet to hit a ball that's just a little bigger than a baseball and playing on a surface area the size of 9 football fields.

After looking into Wyoming's Polo prominence, I discovered there are actually multiple  Polo Clubs located in Sheridan. Two of them are The Flying H Polo Club (where multiple matches are played on Thursday's and Saturday's here is the schedule) and The Big Horn Polo Club (the matches are played on Sunday's and here is the schedule).

This video from a couple of years ago, showcases the level of talent and excitement that is brought to the Sheridan area through the sport of Polo.

The eight week long Sheridan Polo season is about to get underway, so if you and the family are looking for something to do this summer...check out the hardcore Polo action just 2 hours North on I-25.

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