The State of Wyoming holds many different titles, 'The Cowboy State', 'The Equality State', 'The Yellowstone State', 'The Rodeo Capital of The World', 'The Bucking Horse State' and 'The Least Populated State in the U.S. As of spring of 2021, World Population show's there are approximately 331,449,281 in the United States and only 581,075 live in Wyoming.

No joke, Wyoming has fewer people than states like Rhode Island (1,061,509), Delaware (990,334), Vermont (623,251) and either of the Dakotas (North 770,026...South 896,581)!

According to there are actually more Cattle that call Wyoming home than people with a little over 2 cows for every person.

With just over half a million people living in Wyoming, there are 187 total cities/towns. According to a The difference between a city & town comes down to numbers. To be considered a 'City' you must have at least 4,000 people, 'Town' is any population 4,000 or less. There are only 21 total cities (over 4,000) with just 5 cities with a population of more than 20,000 people, 10 with over 10,000 and 166 towns (less than 4,000).

Cody was just outside of the top 10 with 9,764 and I'm sure if they counted the number of folks "just visiting" at any given time, their population would've been well over 10,000.

On the other end of the spectrum there are 8 towns with less than 100 people and Lost Springs with just 1.

When you think about the 10 cities with over 10,000 people, you wonder what it is that attracts Wyomingites to them. I've researched and found what the each of those 10 cities are best known for.

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Nichols received her first camera in 1899 at the age of 16. Her earlier photographs are of her family and friends as well as self-portraits, and landscape pictures of the land surrounding the town of Encampment.

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