There are the "Official Rules" for driving in Wyoming.

Then, there are the "Unofficial Rules."

Even the cops in Wyoming know that these unofficial rules are in play, but like everybody else, they don't talk about it.


If you are a teenage taking the official WYDOT test to get your license, don't expect any of this to be on that test.

But everybody in Wyoming expects you to know them.

I know, not fair, but there you have it.


1). On Wyoming highways the right lane is for cruising. The left lane is for passing only.


A). You are the only driver on the road and there is no traffic as far as the eye can see. In that case, you can drive in any lane you want. Even on the wrong side of the road. Honestly, who's going to know?

B). If the right lane has been so overused that it's filled with cracks, dips, and potholes. Then drive in the much less used and much smoother left lane.

Upset woman driver inside her car

2). It is okay and even almost required that you cuss at Colorado license plates, even if your grandmother is in the car with you. In fact, she just might teach you some creative cussing that you never thought of.

3). For some odd reason, it is okay to peal out and force your way into the middle of a line of cars. It does not matter if there was only one car left and you could have waited a couple of seconds to pull out safely.

4). Speed limits are doubled in counties that can't afford cops.

5). Yes, you can take roadkill home and eat it. That is legal in Wyoming. They even have an app for that. Not kidding. But you are not allowed to chase the game with your car and then claim it's road kill. Sorry.

Milenko Bokan

6). Driving distance in Wyoming is not calculated in miles, but in hours. Remember that when asking directions.

7). There is no such thing as a traffic jam involving cars in Wyoming. Traffic jams involving herding cattle and animal migration happen all the time. Remember that when trying to convince your boss that you were "caught in traffic," on the way to work.

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