Tonight’s (Oct. 23) episode of ‘The Voice‘ marked the final battle round for Season 3. Last night, resident country coach Blake Shelton spent his final save stealing MarisaAnn and adding her to his team. All that was left was his final battle between Kelly Crapa and Michaela Paige, two young female singers from different backgrounds. It was certainly a war of opposites, and he paired the twosome up for Joan Jett’s rock anthem ‘I Hate Myself for Loving You.’

So what happened when the teens squared off?

Battle: Kelly Crapa vs. Michaela Paige: Michaela Wins!

Kelly Crapa is a straight up country singer, with long brown hair. That made her perfect for Team Blake. Michaela Paige is, according to Shelton team advisor Michael Buble, “a 60-year-old black woman trapped in body of a punk girl.” Page has soul, and a mohawk.

Shelton said that the challenges for each girl would be unique. Crapa would need to think like a punk rocker, and Page would need to exercise some restraint and not oversing it and dominate in a bad way.

The song was certainly out of Crapa’s wheelhouse, but she rose to the occasion. It was a battle of sexy sass and choreographed competition, since they sang the lyrics to each other like they meant it and even had matching moves, head shakes and hand motions.

We’ve gotta hand it to Shelton. He certainly made his battles hard on purpose.

Shelton said that the song reminded him of what is going on in country music today and that he could envision Carrie Underwood or his wife Miranda Lambert singing it. Crapa certainly delivered her parts with a country undertone.

“When you are in your mid-teens like both you girls are, uh, a year can make a huge difference, and I think Michaela had a little bit more of an edge, so I am going with Michaela,” Shelton said.

He acknowledged that both girls did exactly what he asked them to do, but Paige just edged Crapa out. That’s what the battle rounds are all about.

So Blake Shelton’s team is completed with the addition of Michaela Paige, the punk rocker.

She joins Terry McDermott (Scottish rocker), Gracia Harrison (country blonde), Julio Cesar Castillo (mariachi singer), Liz Davis (blonde country queen), Suzanna Choffel (music teacher), Cassadee Pope (pop rocker), Rudy Parris (country rocker), Collin McLoughlin (indie rocker) and MarissaAnn (belter.) It’s a diverse team, but it’s also heavy on country singers.

The knockout rounds are next, where singers are paired against one another, with no saves.

The rest of Season 3 should shake out nice for Shelton. He stands a real chance of winning for the second season in a row.

Watch Kelly Crapa + Michaela Paige on ‘The Voice’

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