Blake Shelton was up to his battle round antics again on tonight’s (Oct. 15) episode of ‘The Voice.’ He designed some super difficult battles and attempted a steal, but was rebuffed on the latter.

Here’s how Team Blake shook out this evening.

Battle 1: Julio Cesar Castillo vs. Terisa Griffin: Julio Wins!

He went for polar opposites when he paired the mariachi singer and the soul singer up for ‘Conga,’ the Gloria Estefan song. It has has a Latin flavor, which obvious played to Castillo’s strengths and would seem to give him an advantage. But he was concerned about the speed. That’s when mentor Michael Buble reminded them it’s about breath control, not lyrical accuracy. Griffin was miffed, since she is a soul singer and this song was out of her wheelhouse. She told Shelton and Buble that they paired her with Castillo so that they could get rid of her.

No way, said Blake. He reminded her that he begged and pleaded for her to pick him during the blind auditions and that he does not want the battle rounds to be easy choices. It was a fierce and fiery battle round that left Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine speechless. It was a struggle for Shelton to make the choice, but in the end, he didn’t think anyone won. So in his mind, he went back to the practices and said that since Castillo struggled so much during rehearsals and the fact that his performance was markedly improved, it was he who was deserving of a push through to the next round.

But don’t feel bad for Terisa. She was stolen by Cee Lo Green, which Shelton encouraged. What a good coach, wishing the best for his charge, even if it “hurts” him. He also said he thinks Griffin might try and shove the fact that he let her go in his face, but overall, he is glad she is still here.

Battle 2: Lelia Broussard vs. Suzanna Choffel: Suzanna Wins!

Blake pitted two of his team’s strong and similar-sounding female singers against one another during his second battle of the evening. He had the ladies sing Florence + the Machine‘s ‘Dog Days Are Over,’ which boasts quite a powerhouse vocal. It’s also what made Flo famous. “You are two chicks who are indie artists who play guitar and have Dixie soul, and it’s a mad rock indie sound,” Shelton said about his rationale for this particular pairing and the song choice. Like he said with his first battle pairing of the night, he isn’t trying to make his choices easy.

It reminded us of Season 1′s Xenia and Dia Frampton, with their breathy, sweet girl vibratos. “Every time a battle comes across the stage from my team, it’s like ‘Oh no, I don’t want to see anybody go,” Shelton said. He celebrated Lelia for being able to “become the song,” but that “Suzanna sounds like Suzanna when she wants to.” He ultimately chose Suzanna, who is a music teacher.

Steal Attempt: Joselyn Rivera Chooses Adam Levine!

Aguilera had two pop belters with Sylvia Yacoub and Joselyn Rivera. She chose Yacoub, so Shelton and Levine both attempted to steal Rivera. Shelton had turned his chair around for her during the blind auditions. “I was listening to some of the bullcrap Adam was throwing at you,” he said after Levine made his pitch. “All these things he could see, but it’s odd to me he didn’t believe in you during the blind auditions when I hit my button the first time around.” She asked them what stood out about her performance. Shelton said, “Joselyn, I love you.” The super pretty, extremely talented singer, who was seconds from going home, chose Levine. Shelton joked, “It’s the end of your career.” Later, he said “I can’t believe that little b—– stole her from me.”

Poor Blake got rejected twice.

Tune in tomorrow (Oct. 16) to see who gets upstreamed and who goes home for Team Blake.

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