Okay, I'm sure a few of you clicked on this just to say "NO, I LOVE NICKELBACK." Let me start off by saying: Sorry. You're wrong. Nickleback is mediocre at best, and at worst, one of the most frustratingly uninspired bands in the history of pop-rock music that is specifically designed to sell albums to people who like catchy but aggressively ordinary music.

But, all of that is just my opinion. The band itself is wildly popular, having sold millions of albums both in their home country of Canada and abroad. They're even slated to play Cheyenne Frontier Days later this month.

The real reason why Nickleback is so polarizing has scientific roots. According to a Finnish researcher who studied mainstream metal and rock music for a period of 14 years, Nickleback is an example of a band's artistic integrity being stymied by mainstream success and formulaic approaches to their songs. Ever notice that all Nickleback songs seem to sound the same? That's why.

The study says: "Overall, the descriptions imply that the songs are not genuine self-expression written willingly, but instead forced and made for commercial reasons."

Basically, the songs follow a pattern designed to get stuck in heads, played on radios, and repeated at parties, rather than any actual artistic expression from Chad Kroger and co. It's all about making money. I doubt the members of the band even like their own music.

Now, don't get me wrong! It's totally okay to enjoy Nickleback. Just know that, scientifically, you're wrong.

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