The next time you want to get out of town, you might look here first.

We live in a very mobile world. I heard a real estate commercial say that Americans move like 11 times in their life. And don't even get me started on traveling. Some travel for work on a weekly basis, while others are jumping at the chance to get out of town and change up the scenery as much as possible.

That's a lot of hotel bookings!

Hotels Combined compiled a list states that most states want to visit. After combing through hotel booking made by people in each state, they created a map called "Your State Wants to Visit This State Most." Maybe this list represents the place we travel to most for leisure or maybe it's a work destination.

Either way you slice it, residents in Wyoming travel to Colorado more than any other state. Also, according to Hotels Combined's map, Wyoming is the only state that travels to Colorado the most. Then again, this list was put together almost two years ago, so maybe that's changed.

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