Whether it's deserved or not, the Jackson, Wyoming of today is known as a playground for the rich and famous. It didn't used to be that way. A retro video from nearly 30 years ago shows Jackson used to be more redneck than ritzy.

There's no need to find Dr. Brown and a DeLorean to hit 88 mph to remember what Jackson used to be like. A recent video share from a guy who traveled to Jackson way back in 1992 is all you need. It shows a different kind of Wyoming city than the one we know now.

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Disclaimer: I love the Jackson area. Residents have been nice to my family when we've driven through the past few years. Harrison Ford didn't even make me wash his windows. This is not a personal vendetta against the area. The Tetons are amazing and I've never had a bad experience in the area.

This guy begins with a quick moment from The Weather Channel on his motel TV then proceeds to cruise the streets of Jackson. Watch for all the old pickups, beat-up cars and eventually a garbage truck cruising down the main drag. Yee haw.

Even three decades ago, you can begin to see the changes start from cow town to glamour center. He mentions the Ralph Lauren store he drove by. Bling even then.

Because of this perception (and probably reality) of Jackson as a place only the Kardashians can afford, many of you have expressed the thought that Jackson isn't really Wyoming anymore. It is a fact that the wealthy in Jackson make 132 times the average salary of most Americans.

This video is a reminder of a simpler time when cowboys in trucks still ruled most of the roads. Now, to see if I can find that DeLorean...

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