A transient woman is behind bars after robbing the U.S. Bank in Cheyenne Wednesday morning.

According to court documents, Linda Thompson, also known as Brian Thompson, walked into the bank around 10:30 a.m., approached a teller and placed a cardboard note that read "I have a gun. Give me all your money." in front of her.

Fearing for her life, the teller gave Thompson $16,300. Thompson then exited the bank, sat down in the parking lot and started offering cash to people passing by, telling them she has just robbed a bank.

When the police showed up, Thompson told them, "I just robbed the bank, I want to go back to prison."

Thompson told investigators that she had recently been released from the Oregon state prison system, didn't want to leave prison and had told her parole officer
that she would not do well on parole and would hop a train and travel to Cheyenne.

Thompson, who arrived in Cheyenne the week of July 18, was assaulted in Martin Luther King Park on Sunday and had to be hospitalized.

She said she couldn't get a bed at the Comea Shelter, decided she could no longer live on the streets and decided to rob a bank so she could go back to prison.

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