Let's face it, we've hit September so there's no turning back, bring on Christmas. Dairy Queen is already in the festive holiday mood to help you show off your favorite ugly Christmas sweater. And of course the fact that you probably really like DQ.

The sweater is technically advertised as the 'Texas Dairy Queen 2020 Holiday Sweater - Limited Edition'. So while it's sold exclusively at participating Dairy Queens in the Lone Star State, you can still have it shipped here by purchasing the sweater online at the link provided here.

Perhaps Texans may see this as too early to purchase such an item since it doesn't exactly feel like Christmas there. The high temperature for the state capital in Austin was 96 degrees. Not exactly sweater weather. So you may be able to get a jump on the availability before they sell out (if that happens).

But the full knit acrylic sweater is selling for a whopping $35 and if you pre-order it before September 11th at 10:59 p.m. MST, the online store says you'll have it in time for the holidays.

Maybe that sounds crazy, but you'd be the envy of Christmas get-togethers this year if you show up wearing that thing while ironically eating a DQ Blizzard. Your friends would probably think you have some sort of endorsement deal and therefore would think you're an even bigger deal than you actually are. Good luck showing off your purchase and Happy Holidays!

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