He's from Huston Texas. He goes by NoCantFant on YouTube.

NoCantFant - or, perhaps, Mr. Fant, not sure about what to really call him, came to Wyoming with one set of expectations and left with an entirely different perspective.

He loves hanging at out bars. Apparently Wyomingites know how to have a good time.

Fireworks shops also top the list of what he loves about that state. Get drunk and blow stuff up.

"Vast and Beautiful," is how he describes what he saw as he drove across.

He was almost out of gas when he came across Little America. Mr. NoCant was impressed, to say the least.

He saw it all, Yellowstone and the Tetons to be sure.

Don't like Wyoming weather, wait five minuets. He found that out by living it.

He even made is all the way across the state to Devil's tower, then down to Cheyenne.

He closes his video with some great photos and drone shots he took of his adventure. You'll enjoy the closing show.

Enjoy the video and watch someone who you might think would not think much of Wyoming, love every mile of it.

Next time you pass through Mr. Cant, please look us up.


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