If there really is strength in numbers, the Junction Butte Wolf Pack in Yellowstone National Park is definitely getting stronger. A new video shows up to 18 pups that have been born into the pack this past year.

This new video was shared by Yellowstone Wolf Tracker, a tour group that helps visitors to Yellowstone see wildlife. They document that 18 new pups have been born into the Junction Butte Wolf Pack in the past year alone.

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Yellowstone Wolf already had the Junction Butte wolf pack listed as the largest pack in the park by a long shot. If this video description is correct, all 18 of these wolf pups have survived over the last year which increases the chances that these wolves will make it into adulthood.

This was the same wolf pack that successfully surrounded a grizzly bear in Yellowstone a couple years ago in a video that went viral with over 3.5 million views since it was first shared.

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