After taking the stage together at the 2013 Awards, Vince Gill is sharing his true feelings about pop-country crossover Taylor Swift.

As it would seem, Gill is a pretty big fan of the 23-year-old 'Red' hitmaker. The icon says Swift has that 'it' factor that makes her the music sensation that she is.

“I love Taylor," Gill gushes to the Washington Post. "Does she make me think of Loretta Lynn and Kitty Wells? Never. But that’s okay. She has something that’s so compelling, people are drawn to it and you can’t deny that. That’s what makes it great."

According to Gill, who joined Swift onstage for 'Red' during country music's biggest awards show, Swift is aware of what she does well and sticks to that. She doesn't try to sing out of her vocal range and be something she isn't.

"I don’t think she’d stand there with a straight face and tell you, 'I can sing like Mariah Carey,'" Gill admits. "She doesn’t have to. History is full of people that weren’t knock-your-socks-out-I’m-the-greatest-singer-that-ever-lived. But she connects."

He adds, "And that’s what I like. I love things that connect to people."

Gill says he knows there are more talented musicians than both he and Swift out there, but they both have that something that helps their fans connect with them -- that's what makes a star.

"There are people who can play me under the table, sing me under the table. But there’s nothing about them that’s going to move somebody," Gill assures. "That’s the point of anything musical. To have a conversation.”