You have to love a horse that is willing to go with the flow. That's definitely the case for this mustang who is being taken for a walk by a very feisty teeny tiny dog named Darla.

This sweet moment recently happened in Calhan, Colorado. The mustang is a 4-year-old named Doc Holliday. Really. A horse named after the famous gunfighter where I got my name. That's special.

Check out part of the backstory that the owner shared on YouTube:

Darla the puppy is an 8-year-old Australian Cattle Dog also known as a Heeler! Doc Holliday is a 4-year-old wild mustang who was brought in from the BLM and adopted out to someone who starved him and didn’t treat him well. He was saved by a rescue and then I adopted him and he has become the best horse to let his puppy who weighs almost nothing lead him around for a walk!

That explains a lot. This poor horse had been mistreated and now has a family where he gets all kind of attention and that includes their dogs.

This year could use a lot more innocent moments like this one.

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