Wyoming shows up so often in movies and televisions shows. This is mostly done to let the audience know how remote the characters present location is, even if the actual filming location is no where close to the Cowboy State (i.e. Yellowstone, which is shot in Utah or Longmire, which is shot in New Mexico).

I came across two comedic shorts from 2004, that star Jerry Seinfeld (as himself) and Patrick Warburton, as the voice of an animated Superman.

The first short is titled A Uniform Used To Mean Something and the second Hindsight Is 20/20 (the video above puts them both together for your viewing pleasure). The first short sees the duo going about their day, when they come across a poster for a play called "Oh Yes Wyoming". The second short sees them traveling by car, where after one hilarious altercation after another, they find themselves actually in Wyoming.

Both shorts appear to be some form of commercial for American Express. While they are definitely poking fun at Wyoming, it is lighthearted and still funny, without being offensive.

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