I fell into a youtube hole, watching videos of dogs being rescued, cared for, and adopted and I just found the sweetest video of a family travelling to the Cowboy State for the express purpose of adopting a dog to take home to their farm.

Willow was an abandoned and pregnant Akbash, which is a Turkish livestock guardian breed of dog. The family made the decision to meet halfway between their farm and the foster home caring for Willow, and ended up in Jackson Hole to take their new pet back home.

The poor pup was pregnant and lost in the wilderness when she was rescued, and made a huge push towards being the perfect family dog as she was socialized in her foster home, and the family traveled from northern Idaho and got themselves a fabulous new dog to live happily on their farm with their other dog, Blue.

Fostering and adopting a dog is always the best way to go when looking for a new friend to add to your family, and this story proves that you can drive all over and find the perfect dog in Wyoming. Check out an animal rescue right here in Southeastern Wyoming with the same drive to give dogs the perfect home.

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