Ok, this is cool. I know a lot of restoration projects can tend to look weird and seem like a waste. BUT, this fountain truck looks really cool. Someone converted an old pickup to be a yard decoration of sorts as a fountain. I'm honestly impressed. If you listen to the audio, they don't alter the rest of the truck, so, ideally, it could be drivable at some point, or maybe already is. Though, the front seats could use some restoration before someone sits on a spring.

Check out this video from TikTok showing the altered classic pickup.

Initially, when you look at the water coming out of the back, it totally looks like they're running water through the cab, but they aren't. The creator of this awesome yard art put some Wyoming ingenuity to work and made sure to keep the truck safe on the interior. The rock collections look really cool as the water pours through the bed of the pickup and out to the rocks on the ground.

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According to the hashtags, this is located somewhere in Laramie. I've not seen it around, but by the looks of it, it's by someone's house maybe? The side of the pickup says "B&C Bunkhouse" on the side. A quick Google search didn't bring anything up, so it's either no longer in existence, not on the internet or fictional.

No matter the name on the side, it doesn't take away from how cool this truck is. Hats off to the creator of this bad boy and what a fun way to repurpose this old pickup truck.


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