During my daily YouTube video searching, I came across an interesting video titled: Colorado and Wyoming Compared, posted by Mr. Beat.

Being a Wyoming native, my curiosity forced me to click on the video, even though it was slightly over 15 minutes in length. Under normal circumstances, I hardly ever watch a YouTube video that long, unless it's Gordon Ramsey or something else food related, but I figured it would end up being some form of Cowboy State bashing that would ultimately lead to me destroying Mr. Beat online for the remainder of 2020.

I'm glad to say I was wrong.

The video is simply that: a comparison of both states, non-bias by the aforementioned Mr. Beat. While most of my Unites Sates history education has stuck with me, including a lot of Jeopardy! worthy useless knowledge, I will say I did actually learn some things about both Wyoming and Colorado that I'd never heard before.

For example, I didn't know Colorado has had over 1500 ghost towns in its history. I also didn't know that Wyoming was the fifth driest state overall. You truly do learn something new everyday.

After doing a little bit more research, I found out Mr. Beat is 38-year-old, American history teacher and also a musician, out of Kansas City.

Mr. Beat left it up to the people in the comments section to decide which state is actually better. Last year though, we found a study that states, scientifically speaking, Wyoming is better than both Colorado and Montana. Click here to check that out, even though we already know why.

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