Getting face time with Santa Claus is not canceled this year.

By now, I think we are all pretty accustomed to virtual events. I sat through a virtual event for Halloween with my husband. It was a live Zoom performance and although it wasn't the same as seeing something live on a stage, it did feel like we were a part of something with all of the others who hopped online to watch.

Virtual events will continue this holiday season. Heck, your family holidays may be done via Zoom. And, given the current circumstances with this virus, there's nothing wrong with that. Especially if it keeps something from being canceled altogether.

Chats with Santa Claus will also be virtual this year thanks to a new website.

Talk 2 Santa Claus is a site that will allow your kids to get some face-to-face time with the man in the big red suit, without having to break social distancing at the mall. It was developed by Scott Rousseau, a man who has played Santa for five years. He'll know how to chat with your child in true Santa form and by now, you child is probably well-versed in engaging with others through a screen.

There are a limited number of spots available for video chats with Santa, so you'll need to make a reservation at Online visits will begin on November 14. It looks like there will be chats happening for a few, few hour blocks each day. I'm sure this will accommodate any schedule or time zone conflicts. There are different price points depending on the duration of the chat and how many kids are attending.

It also looks like Santa will be available for work and business events.

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