From the interesting to the downright weird, there are some unique things to spot in the middle of nowhere.

Wyoming has some long stretches of highway between communities, so we thought we'd highlight some of the strange things you can spot along Wyoming highways...

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    Sculptures of zodiac signs

    Chinese artist, Ai Wei Wei sculpted the heads of zodiac symbols just outside of Jackson, near the National Elk Refuge. We're not exactly sure why, but it must be simply in the name of art.

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    Bob's Big Boy Statue

    This statue for Bob's Big Boy restaurant appeared randomly in the middle of a field near Wapiti. No one is quite sure how it landed there.

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    Smith Mansion

    Engineer Francis Lee Smith worked on this house for 12-years, never getting it quite right. He obsessed over the project so much that his wife left him. In 1992 while working on a balcony, he fell to his death. His strange project remains near Cody, Wyoming.

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    The Oldest Cabin In The World

    According to Ripley's Believe It Or Not, this cabin near Medicine Bow is the oldest in the world. That's not the only impressive part of the 1933 structure, it's also made with 26,000 dinosaur bones.

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    World's Largest Jackalope

    You can catch the world's largest jackalope in Douglas. The legend of the creature dates back to the 1930's when a taxidermist stuffed an animal that he claimed was the offspring of an antelope and jack rabbit.

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