Cold season is here again and, if you're looking for medicine in Wyoming, you won't find the good stuff over the counter.

Which begs the question: What's easier to purchase in the Cowboy State, Sudafed or a gun?

Let's break it down.

Depending on where you live in Wyoming, there more pharamicies than gun shops. Advantage = Sudafed.

Consumers purchasing cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine are limited to 3.6 grams per day, and 7.5 grams in a month. There is no limit for purchasing guns. Advantage = Firearms.

There is no federal background check required to purchase cold medicine. Advantage = Sudafed. 

Sales of cold medicines with pseudoephedrine are strictly confined to pharmacies. Guns in Wyoming may be sold during private transactions and do not require background checks. Advantage = Firearms.

Cold medicines with pseudoephedrine are required to be in a locked case not accessible to customers. While many firemarms are stored in lock cases, some are not. Advantage = Firearms. 

All pharmacy transactions are legally required to be conducted under video surveillance. Although many firearms dealers have security cameras, they are not required. Advantage = Firearms. 

Pharmacies are required to keep a log of retail transactions involving products with pseudoephedrine. Although retailers are required to maintian records pertaining to federal background checks, private transactions and gun show sales are not subject to those rules. Advantage = Firearms.

There you have it, by a margin of 5-to-2, we can conclude that the average person in Wyoming will have an easier time purchasing a firearm than a package of Sudafed.



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