What's all the dirt-work/equipment operation going on between the high school and the Rec Center for?


"The City of Laramie, along with Simon Contractors, has begun to construct the Regency Drive detention pond. Construction will include the expansion of the existing pond located just west of the Recreation Center and will help mitigate flooding potential downstream, which was recommended in the South Laramie Storm Drainage Master Plan (visit the City of Laramie website for more details). This detention pond is one of many planned projects that are designed to improve storm drainage in the area. 

Simon Contractors is excavating material from the new pond and hauling it to a stockpile site west of Laramie High School. The excavated material will then be used during the Bill Nye Avenue construction process between Boulder Drive and 19th Street. In addition to drainage improvements, this project will allow for the installation of shared use paths between Regency Drive and Laramie High School, as well as on Boulder Drive between Garfield Street and Beech Street. This project is anticipated to be completed by October 31st, 2019."


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