Those from outside of Wyoming may have questions about our part of the country. Wyoming has so few people, but such a large landmass that, naturally there's bound to be unanswered questions that a quick google search might solve, right? I once had a friend who was convinced Wyoming was a conspiracy used to cover up the countries store of nuclear missiles.

So in an effort to help illuminate some of our countrymen's questions, I found the top auto-fill questions about Wyoming that are being searched for on a regular basis, and answered them!


...So Windy? 

Well, that's got a pretty good scientific answer. Wyoming has a lot of wind because of it's proximity both to the great plains and the Rocky Mountains, causing air currents that create wind gusts in the cowboy state. However, locally we like to say that it's because "Montana blows and Colorado sucks."

...So Smoky? 

This one's probably pretty recent, what with the Ryan Fire currently turning our horizon into something out of Silent Hill. The main reason is because of forest fires! Being so close to Colorado probably doesn't help with the "smokiness," either.

...Named The Equality State? 

Because, dear friends, we gave women the right to vote first out of any state! We also had the first women serve on juries, the first female justice of the court, and the first female governor! Lady power is strong in the 307!

... named Wyoming? 

If you believe Garfield, it's because it is an old Native American word meaning "No State Here," but the real answer is, According to the Wyoming Secretary of State; "The name Wyoming is a contraction of the Native American word mecheweamiing ("at the big plains"), and was first used by the Delaware people as a name for the Wyoming Valley in northeastern Pennsylvania."

Dare you to say mecheweamiing three times fast.

What are some of the strangest questions you've gotten about living in the Cowboy State? Does one of your cousins back east still think you ride horses to and from work?

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