With warmer temperatures finally upon us, an important warning and reminder to those people headed out to go boating on Wyoming waters - cold water can kill you!

Water temps on Wyoming lakes range from the low 40's in to the upper 40's this time of year.  These water temperatures can easily take your breath away and send a person into panic mode should you suddenly submersed as happens with accidentally or intentionally jumping of of a dock or boat.

With air temps in the 70's, many boaters and lake goers might be tempted to take a dip.  But unfortunately this time of year, we often hear of people jumping or falling off of boats and right into a life threatening situation. The site Cold Water Boot Camp provides some great life saving techniques should you find yourself in an emergency cold water situation.

Cold water is a major contributor to recreational deaths by drowning each year in Wyoming.  If you are headed out on the water to have a little fun, boaters are reminded to wear their life jackets as that is your first line of defense against finding yourself submerged in cold water.

And always remember the 1-10-1 rule for survival (see video above)!  If you find yourself unexpectedly submerged into frigid water, give your body 1 minute to get over the shock to your body and try to regulate or calm your breathing. That initial panic and shock to your body can easily put at risk of drowning. Then you have 10 minutes to try and self rescue or prepare to try and stay afloat for potential rescue as you'll have approximately 1 hour before you could potentially be rendered unconscious  due to hypothermia.

Spring is finally here and with warmer temperatures here to stay, we want to encourage everyone to have fun, but above all be safe on and around lakes and reservoirs in Wyoming!

Source: Buckrail.com

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