She was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on Feb. 19, 1948, and went on to star in several screen and stage productions. She was married to James Earl Jones for 34 years.  Actress Cecilia Hart passed away at 68, on Oct. 16, after losing her battle with ovarian cancer. says her acting credits go back to the 1970s when she starred in several Broadway productions.  You may have seen her on television with guest roles on “MacGyver,” “Three’s Company,” “Quincy, M.E.,” “Law and Order,” and the short-lived Steven Bochco television series “Paris,” where she would meet her future husband James Earl Jones, who starred opposite of her in the series.

This is a tribute to Cecilia.

In a shallow world of fragile egos and desperation to succeed, Cecilia was able to stay married to an amazing man, who's incredible success might have killed other marriages.

Celia Hart was a Wyoming woman who was able to make it as an actress in Hollywood and as a wife to a very successful Hollywood actor, a very rare feat indeed.

Surviving husband James Earl Jones was able to conquer a stuttering problem in his youth by reading poetry and acting. He went on to become a much decorated actor and an amazing voice over artist, providing a voice to Darth Vader of Star Wars, Mufasa in The Lion King and he gave gravitas to CNN as their voice over guy.

James also has a great sense of humor.



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