Who wants to get away before summer is over?

2020 travel is not canceled. Now, maybe your trip overseas was canceled, but finding a place to go right here in the United States is totally doable. I've taken a few road trips over the last few months with my husband and with my girlfriends to just change up the scenery. Hubby and I actually spent three days in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

It was heaven.

We sat by the fire pit, read books, took hikes, he cooked all of our meals, we took our dog... it was truly heaven. I would absolutely recommend getting away from everything and getting out in the peace and quiet. Which shouldn't be too difficult, given where we live.

Recently, I found a list of 35 Remote Cabins Across the US You Can Rent For a Truly Distanced Giveaway.

I was happy to find a cabin right here in Wyoming on that list. They selected one cabin in Dubois that promises an experience surrounded by nature. This rustic cabin is truly out in the middle of nowhere and is right next to the river. It also features a massive deck and hot tub.

I feel like they could have selected more locations in our region. You just can't beat our views and summer weather, but this wasn't a big scientific study, nor was it from a big travel site. So, I guess we'll just keep all of our hidden gems to ourselves.

It seems like the perfect time to just load up the car and head out for a long, relaxing weekend.

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