Depending on when you were born or unless you have old-timers in your family that have spoken of Kane, Wyoming, you probably know nothing about it.

The name came from well known cowboy Riley Kane. Kane was located 12 miles east of Lovell and was just south of the Shoshone River and west of the Big Horn River. The location was along the Chicago, Quincy and Burlington Railroad.

Kane  consisted of log houses, a post office, two hotels, a motel, dance & pool hall, boarding house, a school house, bank, two general stores, railroad depot and the Kane Ferry.

The Ferry was instrumental in access to the Big Horn River. As all things are, the ferry was eventually replaced by a bridge. Progress.

Kane was a thriving town until the Yellowtail Dam was constructed in 1965. The rising waters of the Big Horn River completely covers the town now. Its a ghost town with just a few reminders of Kane, Wyoming.

There are only a few things left behind. A railroad marker and a cemetery which is said to be home of the "Blue Lady." The story says she stayed behind for her kids who were drowned in the flood.


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