Somehow it is possible to rank how much of a stereotype that Dads are in each state. It's only fitting that this would happen just in time for Father's Day. It also turns out that Wyoming found its way onto the list with a relatively decent ranking. So just how stereotypical are the Dads here in Wyoming.

How do we begin to rank the stereotypes of Dads? The number of times they stare at the lawn after mowing it, the amount of odd obscure noises they make as they either sit down or get up from their seat, maybe its the number of dad jokes they have, or perhaps the amount of New Balance sneakers that they have gone through in the past year. All of this is in jest of course. We love our amazing Dads more than they will ever know. But just how is the stereotype of being one of the most 'Dad' states measured?

Zippia recently did the study and used Google trends along with a few other publications to find the 'Daddest' of all states and where each state should rank. Wyoming showed up tied for 16th on the list. Not shabby at all! We know some pretty good Dad jokes that will get some chuckles for sure, or at least a courtesy 'LOL' in a text conversation.

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Dad jokes were actually one of the factors used in the study, as was the amount spent yearly on a child in each state, their obsession with BBQ, and their interest in New Balance (seriously). Iowa ended up taking the top spot at the 'Daddest' state in the U.S. They were followed by Nebraska, Missouri, Vermont, and Kansas to round out the top five.

Aside from Nebraska finishing 2nd, of our bordering states, we finished with a better ranking than anyone else. So perhaps our Dads in Wyoming know a thing or two about how to be the Dad of all Dads in the western region. Does that make sense? I didn't think it did. They uphold the stereotypes and for all other fathering matters, they're pretty good at those as well. Happy Father's Day to all the awesome Dads everywhere!

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