It happens to the best of us. We become hungry, and then hungrier we are, it makes us a little agitated to a point where he gets angry. When you combine those two, all of a sudden we're 'hangry'. And in Wyoming, we can get almost as hangry as anyone else.

We've all been there. Perhaps the vending machine at work was out of your favorite snack or you missed getting there in time for the donuts a co-worker brought in and all of a sudden you have a pile of work you have to finish before lunch, or maybe before you can leave for the day and with each passing moment, every one of your co-workers has become the biggest moron in the world from your point of view because you are so hungry, you have now become hangry.

As it turns out, Wyoming is the 16th most hangriest state in the U.S. Zippia recently did some research in order to find out where each state ranks in the study. They used several factors in determining our level of hangry-ness...(?) as well, like fast food spots per capita, the number of searches for 'hangry', the laws for breaks in each state, the number of Walmarts, and the percentage of adults with diabetes. Needless to say, we finished with a relatively high ranking for each of those categories.

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The top five hangriest states were Maine, which was at the top, followed by Mississippi, Alaska, Vermont, and South Dakota. Illinois finished at the bottom of the list and just two spots above them were Missouri. That doesn't make much sense to me since I grew up in the St. Louis area (on both sides of the river, which means both states) and I'm ALWAYS hangry. It's probably a personal problem, and maybe I'm in Wyoming now.

Regardless, if you get hangry, don't feel bad. It happens to all of us. Just have a Snickers. If you can't have a Snicker, then have a Twix. If you can't have a Twix, then do what George Costanza did on 'Seinfeld' when he made a candy lineup to try to prove someone stole his Twix. Spoiler alert, it didn't work out for him and he ended up very hangry.

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