The 2022 session of the Wyoming Legislature has now entered the final week. Here is the remaining schedule according to the Legislative Service Office:

Day 16 Monday, March 7 Last day for bills to be reported out of Committee in second house. Budget Bill-Adoption of JCC Report Deadline Day

17 Tuesday, March 8 Last day for Committee of Whole on bills in second house.

Day 18 Wednesday, March 9 Last day for 2nd Reading on bills in second house. Day 19

Thursday, March 10 Last day for 3rd Reading on bills in second house.

Day 20 Friday, March 11 Joint Conference Committee Reports; All JCC Reports due to Front Desk by 2:00 p.m. Adjourn by midnight.

Wyoming alternates 20 day budget sessions with 40 day general sessions of the legislature, with budget sessions in even years and general sessions in odd years.

While non-budget bills can be introduced during budget sessions, it takes a 2/3 majority vote for those bills to be considered.

That's a considerably higher standard than the simple majority needed for introduction of bills during a general session.

Wyoming is different than most states across the country in that it's legislators are part-time, rather than full-time legislative bodies made up of professional polticians who often meet throughout the calendar year, simile to the U.S. Congress.

While various Wyoming legislative committess do hold meetings throughout the calendar year, the legislature as a body does not convene outside of the scheduled sessions unless a special session is called either by the governor or the lawamkers themselves.

Special sessions in recent years have been called to deal with such things as education funding and issues/federal funding related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but overall they are a fairly unusual occurence.

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