Wyoming men with beards make better boyfriends, and I have the STATS to back it up!

It all started with this study done by the University of Australia in Queensland. The study was then found by the folks at Bright Side who wrote this article.

Just to make your life easier, I'm going to take all of that scientifically backed information and combine it into a few sentences.

Women looked at pictures of men with and without beards and overwhelmingly declared that the men WITH well-kept beards were more attractive AND better long-term relationship material.

It has to do with all sorts of cavewoman instincts that we carry around in our brains without even being aware of it. Beards can only be grown with men who have normal testosterone levels. Men with normal testosterone levels also tend to have other "manly" physical symptoms like a bigger build and lower voice. Our cavewomen brains subconsciously associate all of these things with maturity and a man who can provide for us and protect us aka great boyfriend material.

OK, science lesson over...

Based on what I see daily here in Wyoming, that means that Wyoming men are ahead of the game! Especially this time of year when many of you are still rocking that winter scruff.

I will add that it's "well-kept beards" so maybe take a moment to trim them up or perhaps add some decorations for full female attracting powers!

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