In case you haven't heard, the remains of a used rocket from China is falling from space and will crash into the Earth sometime this weekend. Please don't be alarmed by that, no one is under attack from anything. In fact, possibly the best spot for the used 'falling rocket' to land might in fact be Wyoming.

The used falling rocket is undetectable at this point, according to authorities, and is expected to fall to our planet sometime this weekend. The Chinese Long March 5B is 10 stories long and weighs 23 tons. Currently, there is no way of telling where the remains of the used falling rocket will land.

Sources at the Pentagon have said that the rocket landing spot can't be pinpointed until hours before it re-enters the planet's atmosphere. The assumption is that much of the rocket will burn up in Earth's atmosphere, making it a very remote risk for anyone to be hit with the falling rocket debris. Hopefully, whatever is left of the rocket falls safely into the ocean and doesn't disturb anyone. But if it were to land on any state in the U.S., perhaps the safest state for it to land may be in Wyoming.

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It's no secret that we have the lowest population of any state and given that we have the 10th largest state in terms of area at 97,914 square miles, there is a lot of land that is unoccupied by any residents. There's so much land where there is no one for miles! If the authorities had some sort of top-secret magnet to attract the falling debris from the used rocket, they would probably set up shop in Wyoming on some uninhabited land and no one would even know they were there since there is hardly anyone around to even see what would be happening. Someone at the Pentagon or perhaps had to have already thought of this scenario. If not, then I'm in the wrong profession.

There's plenty of open land in Wyoming that the falling used rocket's crash would not bother. Of course, if it hits a city, then that could be a problem. No one wants to be hit with falling debris traveling at approximately 18,000 miles per hour. But the chances of the used rocket falling on land that's occupied by residents in Wyoming are probably even slimmer than the Colorado Rockies' chances of making the playoffs this year (sorry Rockies fans).

I know, there's nothing that gets you down more when you're trying to enjoy your weekend than when a used rocket from China falls out of the sky to interrupt your day off. It's a very unfortunate and inconvenient situation for everyone when that happens. But again, the chances are extremely slim. The Broncos have a much better chance of pulling off a trade before then for Aaron Rodgers (again, sorry Denver sports fans).

Have a great weekend and heads up, everyone!

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