These ladies deserve a fabulous Mother's Day. As reported by the Jackson Hole News and Guide, the weekend was originally supposed to be a girl's trip, leaving the kids with their husbands and going cross-country skiing, fat biking, and going out for some dinner and wine along the way. The six Jackson women found themselves in a dilemma, however, when a snowstorm closed the road that was their only way home.

Rather than driving around the road closure, the tough ladies decided to pack up with all the essentials and ski the 14 miles in a blizzard to get home to their families. They said that visibility was alright when they started the trek, but it was exhausting with having to break deep snow along the way. The women were all in their late thirties and early forties and had been friends for years.

“I remember joking that it was a lot like childbirth. You know the end is coming and you’ll look back and be happy you did it, but there were periods of really high intensity, a true sufferfest slog," Carolyn Ripps told the Jackson Hole News and Guide. Included in their group was a member of the Teton County Search and Rescue, who was equipped with a GPS to keep them on track.

The highway they had bypassed opened 3 days later, but by then, the women were home to their husbands and kids, nursing cold fingers with hot tea, dry clothes, and a burrito.

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