When you think of the state of Wyoming, nerds typically aren't the first image to come to mind, but you might be surprised! Estately recently worked out the statistics of which US states have the most nerds per capita, and Wyoming made it very high on the list.

According to the article, Wyoming was named the 3rd Nerdiest State, only being beat by Utah and Alaska in the #1 and #2 positions, respectively. The list was compiled by  analyzing Facebook data and comparing percentages of users who listed things like Cosplay, Harry Potter, Anime, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering as interests in their profiles.

Interestingly enough, our neighbors to the east, Nebraska and South Dakota, were labeled as not nerd friendly at all, with SD specifically being labeled as "Nerd Hell."

These results could of course be skewed by Wyoming's low population, making anything "per capita" easy for us to snatch, but you can't deny that there is a definite nerd culture in parts of the Cowboy State. What do you think about these results? Do you consider any of the criteria to be part of your interests? Let us know.


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