When I walked into the store a week ago, I was bombarded by the sights and sounds of the spooky season. Now, I love Halloween (and Thanksgiving and Christmas - I'm an equal-opportunity holiday enthusiast,) so naturally, I walked through the Halloween goodies to see what costume options were available for my kid this year. Side note - have you ever noticed that Halloween aisles smell like candy corn and dusty fabric?

After intense debate, my son decided to be Spider-man this year, so I grabbed the Peter Park gear and headed for the checkout. It's a good thing we picked up his costume because when I went back to the store yesterday, the costume section looked pretty thin. So parents - don't panic; there are still plenty of costumes out for kids. But some costumes may be harder to find than others.

The shortage of costumes got me thinking - what is Wyoming's favorite costume for Halloween 2022?

Wyoming's #1 Most-Wanted Halloween Costume of 2022

According to a survey by AT&T, Wyoming has a classic choice this year. The most-searched Halloween costume by Wyoming residents for 2022 was....drum roll, please...a ninja!

Interestingly, the survey indicated that Wyoming was the only state to prefer ninjas this year. Our neighbors of Colorado and Montanna went for Buzz Lightyear and Wednesday Addams, respectively. The most searched-for costume across the country was another old-school classic. 12 states went for the traditional cat costume, followed closely by 11 states preferring another oldie but goodie, the witch.

From All Home Connections
From All Home Connections

The survey discovered the selections of each state by reviewing Google Trends data and information from the following: "articles from DIYsRentReader's Digest, and Visual Capitalist."

For more information on the study, click here.

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