If Brandon Nimmo's career ended today, he would have already accomplished something only a handful of players from Wyoming ever have; making it to the big leagues.

This week, the New York Mets sent Nimmo back down to AAA Las Vegas. But don't worry, he'll be back.

The pride of Cheyenne East High School played well in his first major league stint, collecting 12 hits in his first 50 at bats, with one home run and four RBI.

He also gave the struggling Mets a shot in the arm, helping them stay in contention in the National League East.

"I can play here," Nimmo told NJ.com. "It's given me some confidence and also helped me realize a dream. Obviously, it takes some stress and pressure off. Coming up here and getting a feel for how it is has let me know that it's the same game. Just that at a little more consistent pace, but one that I can play at."

Nimmo's confidence will serve him well later this season. Barring injury, he is likely rejoin the Mets when the major league rosters expand from 25 to 40 players in September.

Here's hoping the next time Nimmo is in the show, he'll be there for a long time.


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