Words are fun. Linguistically, it is a good thing that there are new words added to our vocabulary even though the phrases may be a little cray-cray. It is a sign that our langue is very much alive. It doesn't mean every phrase will be the bee's knees. However, for Wyoming, there are a few phrases and words that more popular than others.

USA Today published a story "Slang by State: Words Only Locals Know," giving a breakdown of the top phrases of each region. For Wyoming, the most popular slang word is "couple two three." All it means, if you didn't already know, is a few.

On that note, we decided to talk about a couple two three other common slang words and phrases used around the Cowboy State.

  • Greenies - Greenies are Coloradans because of the green license plate.
  • Tourons - The word is made out of the two words tourists and morons.
  • Barking Squirrels - If you've even been around prairie dogs, you know why some call them barking squirrel. Still, others call them target practice.
  • Buckel Bunnie - A female groupie who seeks the attention of cowboys or rodeo performers.
  • Spinning Cookies - Sometimes called doughnuts - where your spin a car in circles leaving circular tire marks on the street.
  • Brisket - The horn on a horse's saddle.
  • Pokes - One nickname for the University of Wyoming football team.

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