One of the most anticipated TV events of 2021 has got to be the next season of Yellowstone. The show has been dropping some teasers and rumors about what we might expect in season 4.

A few days ago, Good Housekeeping shared a juicy rumor about whether or not Kevin Costner would return for season 4. Most of us assume that's almost a given and they confirmed that's likely due to a recent post on Instagram by Kevin where he talked he mentioned how great it was to film in Montana.

The official Yellowstone Instagram page also dropped a pic of Cole Hauser with no words which started more than a few people talking about what this means for that character.

Speaking of Cole Hauser, we also know that he'll be featured in People Magazine's upcoming "Sexiest Man Alive" issue as he posed in the famous Yellowstone outdoor tub. Wide Open Country confirmed that he had a good time with that photo shoot.

If you watched the jarring Yellowstone season 3 finale, you know there are more than a few loose ends that were left hanging.

What do all these teasers and rumors mean about season 4 of Yellowstone and when will we be able to watch it? The rumors say this summer, but with all things Yellowstone you never know until you see it on your screen.

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