Pinedale, Wyoming's high school and middle school are about to be part of a 'Phone Free' zone starting this fall. Beginning the 2018-19 school year students will be locking their phones away for safe keeping using the Yonder system.

Last week the Sublette County School District decided to try out the new 'Yonder' phone lockup system which will help keep students focused on learning in classroom instead of focused on what is happening on their phones.

Pinedale, WY will be joining some 600+ other schools across the country which already utilize the new phone locking system.

Most schools using the system find it to be a great success with faculty reporting more time to teach with fewer distractions. While students using the system enjoying the fact that they are having more face to face interactions with fellow students and friends.

The system is set to debut in Wyoming in the fall and if it's a success, we just might see more school districts across the state.



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