All things considered, we've had a relatively mild winter here in Wyoming so far (knock on wood). With tomorrow's high temperatures expected to approach the '70s in some parts of the Cowboy State, here's ten fun facts about warm winter days in Wyoming.

1. It's too early to tell for 2016, but last year was the third warmest winter ever recorded in Wyoming. In 2015, Average statewide temperatures were six degrees above normal.

2. Wyoming's warmest January day was recorded  back in 1981 when the temperature hit 72 degrees in Recluse, a small unincorporated town north of Gillette.

3. The record high for February occurred in 1995 when the nearby town of Weston hit 79.

4. Pine Bluffs, located in southeastern Wyoming, near the Nebraska state line, set a record in March of 1907 when the temperature soared to 86.

5. Torrington is the warmest Wyoming town during January, with an average high temperature of 42.

6. With an average high temperature of 46, Thermopolis is Wyoming's warmest town during the month of February. Thermopolis is also the Cowboy State's warming place in March, with an average of high of 55.

7. Wyoming is getting warmer. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently projected that average high temperatures during the winter months could increase as much as 6 degrees within the next century.

8. We're not out of the woods yet. Yellowstone National Park averages more than 12 snowy days during the month of March. Casper, Cheyenne and Laramie can expect between six and eight days with snowfall during the month.

9. Spring storms can be worse than winter storms. Many parts of the states, especially southeastern Wyoming, will see receive just as much snowfall in April as they will in March. Nearly every town in the Cowboy State has recorded temperatures below zero during the of April.

10. As wild and unpredictable as Wyoming weather can be, it's more pleasant here than in most parts of the country. The Cowboy State's year-round "comfort index" is 73, well above the national average of 44.