Whether you hate it or love it, there's no way around it. Snow is on the way in the Cowboy State.

Check out some of our suggestions on how to embrace it!


  • 1

    Go Sledding!

    Grab a sled and find the best hill in your area! If you're looking to sled in Cheyenne, check out our top spots! 

  • 2

    Grab You Ski Lift Passes

  • 3

    Build A Snowman

    If the snow this week is easy to pack, build the first snowman of the season. If it's not easy, build a terrible looking one!

  • 4

    Grab Movies and Hot Cocoa

    Make an indoor party out of it. Grab some blankets, hit Redbox, pick up some hot cocoa and don't forget the marshmallows.

  • 5

    Shovel Your Neighbors Driveway

    Bare with me here, I know it sounds terrible... but, if you preemptively shovel your neighbors driveway, they'll owe you later when the weather gets nastier!