The first thing that Blake Shelton would like people to know is:  he's not messing with a classic.  Especially a classic associated with a "new" movie.

We're talking the re-make of the movie "Footloose", here.  And Blake Shelton has been tapped to perform the theme song, made famous by Kenny Loggins.

The new Footloose, directed by Craig Brewer (you know, the "Hustle and Flow" guy), stay close to the original fo there's not too much doubt that the formula for the 80's version is going to be pretty strictly followed.  And I guess Blake bought into that with his remake.

Now, here's the "winner" part of the story:

Movie fans are invited to kick off their Sunday shoes and show off their best dance moves with the “Show Us How You Cut Loose Contest.”  Fans are invited to create videos of them dancing to Oklahoma country music star Blake Shelton’s new rendition of the iconic theme song. They can post the video on and vie for online votes; the grand prize in the contest is a trip for two to the “Footloose” movie premiere.

Simple, right?  Anyone who remembers the original can probably bust out some moves that will impress the judges.  Anyone who doesn't remember the original can check out the movie's trailer here.

The deadline to submit a video is Monday, Sept. 26, and participants are encouraged to post their videos as soon as possible so they can start accumulating votes.

The remake will be in theaters Oct. 14, “Footloose” follows closely to the dance steps of the 1984 original film, which made Kevin Bacon a star. The remake stars newcomer Kenny Wormald, country singer/dancing TV personality Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid.

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