So, ever hear of the program/charity Water = Hope?  Really?  Well I hadn't until I found myself  idly cruising through my vast collections of homepages for country stars and found an article about it on Brad Paisley's homepage.

The Water = Hope campaign is actually a component of Hope Through Healing Hands that focuses on awareness and advocacy for funding clean water initiatives around the world.

The group proudly partnered up with Brad's H2O tour last year.  They travelled with the country star to  concert city to concert city to bring his many fans up to speed on the issues.

Did you know that one of every seven people on this little planet lacks safe drinking water?  The group is all about educating people to the simple fact that the crisis is solvable and that hundreds of thousand of lives, especially of children can be saved.

Water = Hope builds wells abroad and provides water purification systems in the Appalachia region. Last year, they dug wells in Liberia, Uganda, and Ethiopia. They also provided access to clean water to families for the first time in Appalachia.

So, I'm going to have to add one more thing to the list of "stand-up guy things" Brad has done.  If you get a chance, check out the website and many get involved. 

Funny what you can pick up when cruising around country stars' websites.

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