I remember the first time I ever heard Pink Floyd.  It was their seminal album, Dark Side of the Moon.  I knew right then and there that no matter what happened, I would love this band for the rest of my life.

The nice thing about working in radio since before dirt was invented is the fact that you get exposed to so many different formats and programming.  I will always be a country fan, but believe me when I tell you that classic rock (which I’ve lived long enough to understand) will be right up there too.

So, it seems Mr. Dierks Bentley has no problem with it either.  The venue will be the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon set on Thursday, September 29.  Dierks is scheduled to do his version of the classic “Wish You were Here” written by Roger Waters and David Gilmore.

Late Night is having a week-long tribute to  the band.  Also giving their versions of Pink Floyd hits will be Pearl Jam, The Foo Fighters.  Also scheduled this week are The Shins and MGMT

One of the coolest things to happen to country of late is the fact that differing genres are starting to get the props they deserve.  Just like country is getting the respect IT deserves.  There was a time when the purists would be aghast at the thought of country talent stepping away from the true original.  As the old joke from the Blues Brothers went: 

“We have BOTH kinds of music here.  Country AND Western!”

Warning:  Shameless Plug: 

Be sure to tune into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon all this week to check it out.  And be sure to catch Dierks’ performance.  Ought to be great.

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