Okay, that's not true.  Actually, Kenny Chesney  has just wrapped up his Goin' Coastal tour and is # 2 in total concert tours for the year...BUT, he did pass Miss Taylor Swift as the number 1 country artist.

For months, Taylor has been the number one country artist.  It was only at the end of Kenny's tour that he surpassed her in ticket sales.

Country acts actually are very well represented in the latest top 20 concert tours.  Kenny Chesney is number 2, Talor rolls in at 3, Brad Paisley shows his chops at 9, the boys from Rascal Flatts are 11, Jason Aldean is 14, American Idols Live with Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina notches a big win at 17 and Keith Urban is ranked at 19.

Country as a genre has really never been stronger and the future looks bright with more acts branching out.   The 2012 concert tours (just now being organized by some acts) promises even more spectacular showings.  Miranda Lambert, both on her own and with Pistol Annies looks to be a strong contender.  And, let's face it, if Blake Shelton shows up, the buzz is going to be pretty hard to ignore.

Stay tuned.

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