Last week a jury ordered a 69-year-old man to pay nearly $1 million in pain and suffering damages from giving a 49-year-old woman a foul case of herpes on their fourth date.

According to the woman’s attorney, her client asked the man to wear a condom, and he allegedly agreed, but by the time she realized he wasn’t wearing one “it was too late.” Later that night in bed, the man took a leap of faith and confessed to her that did have genital herpes, and then he was asked to leave.

Although the man’s defense attorney argued that the woman should have known better than to let the man proceed without a condom – insisting that she was “not some little innocent victim,” the jury still sided with the woman and gave her nearly every penny she asked for.

As if being sent to the poor house with a raging case of herpes wasn’t bad enough, the jury also found the man guilty of committing battery, which incidentally was tossed out of court due to lack of evidence. This whole thing is really a sore spot.

So we ask which is worse — having herpes or having to pay out a $1 million dollars to a person who you gave herpes.