It’s that time of year again- hot dogs, peanuts, cold beer, hope and despair… it’s baseball season. Unfortunately the reality of living in a state as small as we do is that it can't support major prefessional sports teams.

Many of us in the Laramie area are fans of the Colorado Rockies and in cheering for them, we have been taken on some great rides through the past few years. Who can forget “Rocktober” in 2007 or the Wildcard playoff appearance in 2009?

There are a lot of questions coming into the 2012 season- Will this largely unknown pitching staff perform at an elite level? How will an aging Todd Helton perform? How will new players like Michael Cuddyer perform? We will certainly see how these issues will pan out as the season progresses, but as long as we are still only a few games into the season, we want to know how you think the Rockies will perform this season…

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