Wyomingites will Occupy Laramie on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, to stand in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Organizers of the protest say the movement will reflect a diversity of need in America that are currently not being met.

“We have a vision for the world and America, one that is more just, sustainable, and dignified than the one we currently see and experience,” said Michelle Cook, a supporter of the movement. “This is only a small seed that we are planting today, a seed which we hope will grow, a seed which will bear the fruits of compassion: understanding, equality, and justice for all!”

The plan is for protestors to gather at noon at First Street Plaza in Laramie to voice their concerns, followed by a community potluck at 6 p.m. at the Laramie Peace House.

According to the non-profit news organization Mother Jones, Laramie will join with over 445 cities across the nation currently engaged in similar solidarity protests, and will become the third city in Wyoming to host an Occupy Wall Street gathering.

Last weekend about 70 protestors gathered in Cheyenne while others protested in Jackson which is in one of the richest counties in America.