Man, does Taylor Swift love the real estate market in the great state of Tennessee or what?  Her latest acquisition is an historic home in Nashville for $2.5 million,

That report comes from a real estate website called

The home is just over 56 hundred square feet and (like so many properties in the south) has it's own name...the Northumberland Estate.  The beautiful home was first built in the early '30's by a US Ambassador to Denmark.

This isn't the only purchase in the neighborhood for the "Sparks Fly" artist.  Taylor moved into her own condo near downtown Nashville in 2010.

After purchasing a penthouse in her adopted city of Nashville in 2009, Swift quickly packed up and moved on up to a swankier home in a different part of the Tennessee capital, before also purchasing a pad for herself in Beverly Hills.

This latest home is reportedly going to be given to her parents.  Kind of a "thanks mom and dad" from one of the hottest and most successful crossover artists in the country.

 The Northumberland Estate boasts 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and an adjacent two-story pool house.  Very Nice.

Stay tuned.  I'm sure the property acquisition is far from over.

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